Pāriet uz saturu

Dare to create a better world with BTA

Sustainability to us means caring for the surrounding society and environment. It is important for BTA that business leaves as small a footprint in nature as possible.

We are characterized by a strong sense of social responsibility, and we always think about how we can take care of the people and environment around us even more.

Our ambitions

Sustainability strategy 2023 - 2025


We aim to reduce the total emissions footprint in our operations by 55%.


At BTA sustainability forest we will plant an additional 30,000 trees.

In care for society

We believe that at least 2,500 employees will spend at least one day on social responsibility projects.

In care for yourself

We will provide our employees with at least 900 different training events.


We will continue to invest in real estate that is built in high sustainability standards.


We will monitor document updates and always ensure they are in line with the latest sustainability directives.


Growth is important! We will ensure that each BTA employee achieves at least 6 development goals.

Social Active Day

We care about not forgetting those who need our help the most in the hectic daily work routine. At BTA, we encourage every employee to dedicate at least one working day per year to implementing a social responsibility project. Projects are organized both by the company and employees themselves, implementing their own initiatives and investing their time where they feel the greatest calling.


In 2023, more than 600 employees in the Baltics participated in the Social Active Day.


At BTA, we have knitted socks for newborns, helped in soup kitchens, cleaned the giraffe house at the zoo, cleared marshes of invasive plants, and so on.

Paid day off

The Social Responsibility Day is a paid working day.


We know how important it is to take care of ourselves and our physical and mental health, which is why we provide our employees with ample opportunities so that everyone can take care of their well-being.

Health insurance

All BTA employees receive health insurance (including dental care, sports, therapeutic massages, etc.) after 3 months of employment.

Sports events

At BTA, colleagues always have their participation fees covered for various sports events, such as the Strong Race or the Rimi Riga Marathon.


BTA always provides you with the opportunity to attend many various training sessions to enhance your knowledge about insurance, acquire specific skills, and maintain your emotional well-being.

Thinking green

We are well-known for 'green thinking' and digitalization! We never stop at what we have achieved and always continue to improve, making processes more efficient to achieve even better results in sustainability indicators.

Mums ir svarīga ilgtspēja

15 000

Tieši tik koku mēs iestādījām BTA ilgtspējas mežā.

ISO sertifikāti

Turpinot rūpēties par ilgtspēju un klimata negatīvo izmaiņu samazināšanu, BTA ir saņēmis sertifikātus par starptautisko standartu ISO 9001:2015 un ISO 14001:2015 ieviešanu un uzturēšanu.

Bezpapīra koncepts

Saudzējot dabu, visi iekšējās aprites dokumenti tiek uzturēti tikai digitālā veidā un parakstīti ar elektroniski drošu e-parakstu.

Zaļā biroja sertifikāts

Šis sertifikāts apliecina, ka BTA ievieš efektīvus un konkrētus pasākumus, lai mazinātu uzņēmējdarbības ietekmi uz vidi.

Other projects

We care to make the world we live in better for everyone. Therefore, we continuously support various social and cultural initiatives with added value.

Vilnius Town Hall and the piano

In 2022, BTA insured Vilnius Town Hall and its top-class piano STEINWAY & SONS.


We have created a collection of artwork with works of art by new and talented artists, which is the best way to reflect the latest contemporary art trends in the Baltic Region. Currently the artwork decorates corporate headquarters in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

Donor Days

In collaboration with the State Blood Donor Centre, we regularly organize and participate in Donor Days.

BTA Velozinis

More than 25 Velomaster tracks across the Baltics! Velomaster is a carefully designed, educational environment for both children and adults, teaching various cycling skills in safe conditions.