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At BTA colleagues works at more than 100 different positions - choose yours and join our team!

Sustainability is important to us

ISO certificates

Continuing to take care of sustainability and reduction of negative climate changes, BTA has received certificates for the implementation and maintenance of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Paperless concept

While respecting the nature, all of the internal documents are kept in a digital format and are signed with an electronically secure e-signature.

Work in administrative departments

BTA has a strong team of professionals consisting of specialists who care not only about external clients, but also about our internal client – the employee, his professional needs and well-being. At BTA You can improve your skills in internal and external communication in the Marketing Department, work with personnel issues in the Personnel Management Department, work with company procurements and document management, take care of our office and develop a "green" mindset, or work on the sustainability vision with colleagues of the Administrative Department, prepare contract projects in the Legal Department, or improve the company's internal processes together with Quality Specialists – there are so many options and many more!

BTA employs the coolest colleagues!

Back office is like the backbone of the organization, which keeps us upright and ensures adaptation to the external environment. We are an organization focused on development and we go along with external changes relying on BTA's values, which are accessibility, humanity and credibility. We are constantly improving in all areas and there are challenges in each area, for example we contribute to the development of the learning environment for employees, improve the insurance relationship management platform, improve products and payment solutions and support it with data analytics. If the back office is our backbone, the management team is our head. We contribute to the improvement of management culture and the development of teams with job shadowing, mentoring and coaching. In addition to professional competence, I expect cooperation skills and the will to support my team members from my managers. What inspires me the most is the synergy that arises from doing things together and as a result of which the organization's goals are exceeded.

Ivika Torpel, Branch Director

BTA is focused on digitalization and innovation

Health insurance app

Insurance available on your smartphone – more convenient and safer than a regular card! All the information is in one place and it will only take you only 21 seconds to submit a insurance claim.

BTA Velomaster

In Estonia, with the help of BTA, 2 bike tracks have already been built, which consist of various elements imitating the urban environment and enable children to learn how to safely solve situations that arise in urban traffic. The bicycle track offers children the opportunity to learn playfully through various bicycle games. This is an opportunity to actively spend free time while learning something new.


In the insurance business, we are one of the first to offer customers the opportunity to take a picture of their car themselves before buying CASCO – without going to BTA in person.

IT and innovation

BTA IT team consists of several dozens IT professionals who ensure the development and maintenance of the company's information systems and infrastructure, also supporting our Estonian branch from the head office in Riga, Latvia. Our daily work is dynamic, providing the opportunity for professional development in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Working with one of the Baltic market leaders in the industry, it is a possibility to gain valuable skills in a competitive business environment and contribute to the development of insurance solutions in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as well as to participate in international IT projects of the Vienna Insurance Group.

I’m truly happy for my team!

I am genuinely delighted with my BTA IT Baltic team! We ensure important processes for the whole company and do it with great enthusiasm and commitment.

Working in IT is an opportunity for everyone to be part of building innovative solutions that simplify and accelerate work, automate processes – in short, it is an opportunity to help people. It’s a dynamic environment and we as professionals, have to keep up with technologies and business challenges and we never get bored. After delivering the project, the whole team can celebrate the achieved result.

Jānis Ruža, Director of Information Technology Department

Interesting facts about sales


We offer a wide range of many insurance services to BTA customers.

117 507

BTA insures, cares for and provides the most appropriate insurance solutions to a large number of customers.


Almost a third of BTA's employees work in sales teams and make sure that the best deals reach our customers.

Work in sales

We have two types of sales work - one part of the sales staff focuses on creating and maintaining broker and agent relationships. The second part mainly contributes to providing solutions to end customers. Customers and their well-being are important to us. We continuously improve our processes so that our customers have convenient access to our services and that we ourselves can keep up with the changing needs of our customers.

You are going to fly high with us!

Our team is one of the keys to starting and maintaining a successful customer relationship. We are always there for our customers with our knowledge and quick action, doing our best for maximum customer satisfaction. The department is responsible for preparing insurance offers and policies for customers, advising and assisting them, and other activities related to insurance contracts. What inspires me the most in my work is how willing and thrifty the entire BTA team is. An inspiring and supportive team makes work very pleasant. Every day, my work presents me with challenges, which is exactly what inspires me about this work. I am looking for someone whose eyes light up when they can help a customer and make the customer's day better. Also, someone who is interested in new knowledge, sharing the knowledge and for whom "team spirit" is important and is also willing to contribute to it.

Mirjam Sepp, Manager of Distance Sales Department

Good relationships are the basis of success!

Sales through brokers and agents are of great importance and influence for BTA. Our team is needed to manage cooperation with brokers and agents, which means maintaining effective relationships with them and helping them stay informed about our products and institution policies. In the most general terms, we are responsible for working with brokers and agents with the aim of supporting them in their sales work and managing their insurance requests.

What inspires me the most is when brokers and agents value our cooperation and recognize both our team and what we do.

I am looking for people in my team who are good communicators, open to cooperation and who want to achieve results as a team.

Andres Külaviir, Manager of Corporate Sales Department

Interesting facts about BTA Claims


At Insurance Claims Handling Department works 23 employees to make the process run smoothly.

24, 6 miljonit

Last year we have paid out damages in the amount of 24,6 million euros.

52 446

Our employees choose which working hours are the best for them

Work in the Claims Handling Department

Friendly colleagues, comfortable workplace and dynamic rhythm – this is the daily life of BTA Claims Handling Department. While we are handling insurance claims, you will always have the opportunity to make quick and easy decisions, as well as to delve into non-standard situations. We value a human approach and round-the-clock availability to our customers.

Claims handling is the litmus test for every insurer!

Claims handling is the main service that insurance sells, i.e. a sense of security and accessibility to the policyholder in case of possible incidents and finding solutions to these situations.

The list of my inspirations is endless, but the main motivators are the close-knit big family of BTA, the desire to help people and continuous development.

Why is claims handling necessary? Because claims handling is the main goal of insurance, which ensures the financial security of customers and works to maintain customer relations and mitigate risks. Team members do their best to make the policyholder's claim handling journey as stress-free, quick and smooth as possible when a claim occurs. We value people who are creative and can find innovative solutions to problems. Team members who can think outside the box, put themselves in the customers' shoes and bring new ideas are important to us. We like people who, like the current team members, are enthusiastic, motivated and have a positive attitude towards life.

Jevgeni Maksin, Manager of the Insurance Claims Department

Did you know that BTA insures:


We are the only ones in Estonia who offer insurance for air traffic controllers' licenses, i.e. the health status of the insured is insured within the borders of the European Union. We are also the only one in the local market to offer aircraft insurance and aircraft owner's liability insurance.


BTA Estonia also insures marine vehicles, such as the Icebreaker EVA-316 of the Estonian Transport Administration and the hydrographic vessel Jakob Prei for offshore surveying.

Work in the Underwriting department

To ensure that BTA customers receive the best offers, product managers and underwriters evaluate customer needs, the frequency of occurrence of various risks and the expected costs. A price is set and a product is created that we can be proud of and confidently offer to our customers. In the product and risk management department, you can make a career by rising from an assistant to an underwriter, from there to a product manager, change product portfolios or add new products to your portfolio or become a manager!

Risk assessment and product design is an art form in itself!

The product and risk management department is staffed by employees who deal with product and risk management on a daily basis. We assess possible risks, give recommendations for mitigating them, and also price the product. We are looking for new opportunities both in terms of product and channels. Innovation and keeping up with the times is part of our daily work. We develop our products and accompanying services.

The work in the product and risk management department gives the opportunity to create new products and services, provides thrills when increasing market share and in case of major losses, and where relations with other departments of BTA are important in order to achieve the desired result.

Ivika Torpel, Branch Director