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At BTA colleagues work at more than 100 different positions - choose yours and join our team!

Sustainability is important to us

15 000

The amount of trees we have planted in the BTA sustainability forest.

ISO certificates

Continuing to take care of sustainability and reduction of negative climate changes, BTA has received certificates for the implementation and maintenance of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Paperless concept

While respecting the nature, all of the internal documents are kept in a digital format and are signed with an electronically secure e-signature.

Green office certificate

This certificate confirms that BTA puts in place specific and effective measures to reduce the environmental impact of business.

Work in administrative departments

BTA has a strong team of professionals of specialists who care not only about external clients, but also about our internal client – the employees, their professional needs and well-being. At BTA You can improve your skills in internal and external communication in the Marketing Department, work with human resources issues in the Human Resources Management Department, work with company procurements and document management, take care of our office and develop a "green" mindset or work on the sustainability vision with colleagues of the Administrative Department, prepare contract projects in the Legal Department or improve the company's internal processes together with Quality Specialists – there are so many options and many more!

BTA employs the coolest colleagues!

Colleagues in the Human Resources Department are often ambassadors for various processes of change within the company as well, and I am proud to say that we are focused on development, support and BTA values – accessibility, humanity and credibility – are our values as well.

In addition to our day-to-day responsibilities, we work on various development projects, such as providing a modern online learning platform, a digital selection process, employee services portal and we have big future development plans ahead of us. We guarantee that we are never bored!

During job interviews, future BTA employees often ask me what motivates me to work at BTA and I feel happy and confident to answer that it is all about my colleagues. Cooperation and support are integral parts of BTA, and the constant development, fast-paced environment and dynamics that allow each of us to grow.

Ivonna Baumane, HR manager

Interesting facts about sales

30 +

We offer a wide range of different insurance services to BTA customers.

606 000

BTA insures, cares for and provides the most appropriate insurance solutions to a large number of customers.


Almost half of BTA's employees work in sales teams and make sure that the best deals reach our customers.

Work in sales

The sales team is one of the largest and dynamic teams in BTA, and here high goals are achieved both by people without any previous experience in insurance or sales, and by already established professionals. Working in sales means communicating with current BTA customers, as well as attracting new customers, because it is important for us to offer the best insurance solutions to everyone! We provide services to both legal entities and private individuals, as well as cooperate with intermediaries. If you choose a job in sales, you have the opportunity to work at BTA head office or at one of the sales points in Riga or in regional offices.

Selling is the coolest job in the world!

I am proud of the perseverance and determination of BTA sales employees, because even on rainy days they know how make fun of themselves and do everything possible (and sometimes even the impossible) to achieve their goals. This is what I see in all successful sales professionals – great perseverance and excitement. The excitement to be the best and achieve more and more.

There is no routine in sales – each customer is provided with individual approach, while each situation requires a different approach as well. You work and immediately see the result of your work, and with it you are able to influence your salary – could it be any better?

But the greatest satisfaction comes to us from our customers – every conversation, praise or a thank you boost up our energy and encourages us to never stop and to continue what we started.

Gerda Joņina, Director of Distance Sales Department

BTA is focused on digitalization and innovation

Health insurance app

Insurance available on your smartphone – more convenient and safer than a regular card! All the information is in one place and it will only take you only 21 seconds to submit a insurance claim.

E-med remote medical visits

You can now contact your doctor remotely through the BTA Health Insurance app.


In the insurance business, we are one of the first to offer customers the opportunity to take a picture of their car themselves before buying CASCO – without going to BTA in person.

BTA Velozinis

Already in 17 different places in Riga and all over Latvia there are BTA Velozinis tracks! Velozinis is a carefully designed, educational environment for both children and adults that teaches a variety of cycling skills in safe conditions. The modular elements of the track mimic the city's infrastructure, create an understanding of traffic and prepare every cyclist.

IT and innovation

In BTA's Baltic IT team, you will have the opportunity to work together with dozens of IT professionals who ensure the development and maintenance of the company's information systems and technical solutions. Your daily work life will be dynamic, providing an opportunity to develop professionally in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. By working at one of the market leaders in the industry, you will gain valuable skills in a competitive business environment and contribute to the development of insurance solutions in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as participate in Vienna Insurance Group's international IT projects.

I'm really excited about my BTA IT team!

BTA IT team participates in ensuring the processes that are important for the company with great enthusiasm and dedication. Experienced colleagues will always help the newcomers and will never refuse to provide advice, as well as support each other both in their day-to-day job and outside of it.

Work in the field of information technology is an opportunity for everyone to participate in the creation of innovative solutions that speed up work, provide additional opportunities, automate processes – in a few words, it is an opportunity to help people. It is also a dynamic environment, because as a professional you have to keep up with technologies and business challenges that do not allow you to get rusty, but after a concluded project, the whole team feels great satisfaction with the achieved result.

Jānis Ruža, Director of Information Technology Department

Interesting facts about BTA Claims


In the Claims handling department work 88 employees to make the process run smoothly.

199 000

In 2022 we received 135 000 health applications for a compensation.

136 millions

Last year we have paid 136 million euros in indemnities.

Work in the Claims Handling Department

Friendly colleagues, comfortable workplace and dynamic rhythm – this is the daily life of BTA Claims Handling Department. While we are handling insurance claims, you will always have the opportunity to make quick and easy decisions, as well as to delve into non-standard situations. Friendly attitude and accessibility to our customers 24/7 is important to us.

I believe that our strenght lies in our team full of energy!

I'm in favor of continuous team growth because growth and challenges inspire us.

We work in a dynamic world where current trends are constantly changing, so it is important for us to be open to change, focused on cooperation and to be ready for challenges. If we work as a united team, then we will always achieve all our goals - both small and big.

We never forget that customers are the centre of our attention. When purchasing BTA insurance services, it is important to customers that the compensation system is simple and easy to understand. Insurance indemnities make our customer feel that he has a safety net, and if an accident occurs, customer will get off lightly. It's our talent to do important things in a simple way.

Kārlis Liepiņš, Director of the Insurance Claims Handling Department

Did you know that BTA insures:

The Freedom Monument

For 19 years, BTA has been proud and honoured to provide the Monument of Freedom insurance in the amount of 1.5 million euros to the Riga municipal agency "Agency for Monuments in Riga".


BTA is one of the few Latvian insurance market participants that has a license for “third party liability insurance of aircraft owners", as a result, we are able to say that we are one of the most experienced aviation risk insurers in Latvia.


BTA is the market leader in crop insurance with more than 10 years of experience. We are unable to predict the weather, but by insuring the fields, we can protect them. Customers annually prove their trust by renewing their crop insurance policies.

Work in the Underwriting Department

To ensure that BTA customers receive the best offers, product managers and underwriters evaluate customer needs, the frequency of occurrence of various risks and the expected costs. A price is set and a product is created that we can be proud of and confidently offer to our customers. In underwriting you can start your career as a specialist and get promoted to a manager’s position!

Underwriting is like an opportunity to see one step further!

The Baltic Underwriting Department employs product managers and underwriters. For project managers BTA is like an ocean of opportunities because they are the ones who develop products and protect customers from risks they had not thought of before. Should you work as a product manager you will not deal with numbers only in your day-to-day job, you will always have growth and the opportunity to innovate.

Underwriters, on the other hand, are experts who have an in-depth understanding of a particular industry. Maybe you don't have a specific education, but know the car structure from A to Z? It is in-depth knowledge in a particular industry that helps us to create insurance products and understand the possible risks of events. Working as a team, every one of us creates the most suitable products for our customers with our knowledge and skills and support our BTA colleagues and sales representatives with consultations to jointly provide customers with a sense of safety.

Ivo Danče, Director of Baltic Underwriting Department

What are the least known professions in BTA?


An actuary is a profession that assesses the contracts concluded by an insurance company, the financial situation and the amount of capital in order to ensure that the company fulfills its long-term obligations to policyholders. Mandatory requirements to become an EU qualified actuary are excellent knowledge of financial and actuarial mathematics, as well as economic and minor programming skills.

Reinsurance Specialist

Did you know that insurers will also insure? Our reinsurance specialists apply the best reinsurance solutions for large and mostly complex cases. This is a dynamic and also technical work in which accuracy is very important.

Work in financial departments

The daily life of an insurance company is unimaginable without the various financial calculations that support our business. In BTA team, you can try your hand in both Finance and Accounting departments, specialize in such areas as Reinsurance and Actuarial Science, as well as achieve the highest level of Excel mastery in the Department of Business Analytics.