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Dare to prove yourself - come to practice at BTA!

If you are studying and as part of the program, you are expected to undergo an internship - know that BTA is happy to welcome interns to your team!

Interns - part of our team!

Every year, interns in various departments are admitted to the BTA team - Administrative Department, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Claims, Sales strategy and Support department, and others.

You also have the opportunity to improve your knowledge in the field you are interested in, because we entrust each intern with important and real tasks that best reflect the chosen profession.

BTA is a paperless company, which means that you will find very few paper documents in the office - it is a good opportunity for you to find out how a company that is directed on digitalization works.

Internship at BTA

You can gain experience in a large and stable insurance company that is directed on achieving goals.

"I completed my internship in the Claims Department. It went well, I managed to successfully execute the tasks I received. I did not encounter any difficulties because the team of the Claims Department welcomed me in a very friendly manner, they always paid attention to my questions and encouraged me to be confident. I am especially grateful to the head of the department - Bozena. She paid attention to my desire to improve my English language and suggested a tutor. The BTA team is very open-hearted. During the internship, I gained knowledge about the peculiarities of foreign claims regulation. I made sure that I really want to work in the insurance industry." Irina, Vilnius College.

"I had a really good experience at the BTA Corporate Customer Department. I got to listen to how cold interviews are conducted, and I also learned about the internal rules: dress requirements, rules, confidentiality, and various other rules." Lukas, Klaipėda Tourism School.

"I did my internship in the IT Department. As a student of information technology, it was important for me to gain experience through application of theoretical knowledge, and BTA gave me this opportunity. During my internship, I did great work. I am grateful to all colleagues and to the Department Manager Konstantin for the shared knowledge and support during work on specific tasks - with such a team, all tasks seemed accomplishable. After the internship, I received a job offer that I was happy to accept."

Titas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

"I am very pleased that Lithuanian companies have recently been offering more and more internship possibilities to help young people integrate into the labour market and find them a career. I am grateful for the opportunity to do a voluntary internship at the BTA Human Resource Management Department. It is a great investment in my future - not only did I gain experience in HR, but I also had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of working in an office, to get out of my comfort zone and take on some responsibilities. Although my internship was mainly in HR, I also had an opportunity to contribute to the Marketing team. Of course, this experience is useful when applying for more serious positions later on, and it also makes my CV look more attractive. In my opinion, the internship is not too demanding and is flexible in terms of students' expectations. The most important thing is willingness and initiative, and the BTA team is always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. So, by taking advantage of the opportunities, you can gain a lot of useful experience and a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend that you use this opportunity of doing an internship in one of the divisions offered by BTA!"

Emilija, Vilnius University.

"As far as the internship goes, I think it was excellent. I got to know the internal procedures and felt cared for. Initially, when I first came to BTA, it was not clear whether I could work with system "IRIS", but as I delved deeper and put in a little effort, everything became possible. :) Of course, working with screen reading software - tasks are slower to complete, but over time, it didn’t make much of a difference anymore. I started my internship in the Customer Service Department and I met really great colleagues who were always ready to lend me a helping hand when needed. I hope that BTA will continue to advance and become one of the most desirable employers in Lithuania."

Ričardas, Vilniaus kolegija.

Three steps to practice at BTA!

Apply and prove yourself

Send in your CV and tell us when and where you would like to get an internship.

Come get acquainted

Participate in an interview, during which you will be able to get acquainted with your internship supervisor and discuss the main tasks during the internship.

Get an answer

We will evaluate whether we can offer an internship in the chosen department within the specified time period (it is important for us that we can devote time to you and give you interesting tasks) and will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Open internship positions at BTA

If you wish to become an intern of BTA, please do not hesitate to reach out at karjera@bta.lt

Cooperation with universities

The courage to dare and improve in the BTA team is highly valued. That is why we are a reliable cooperation partners for several educational institutions, so that BTA has the opportunity to contribute to the growth of students.

We participate in Career Days

We offer internship opportunities

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